English spoken

You speak English only?

If your command of the Dutch language is not good enough to have a conversation, don’t worry! I speak English fluently, so I can help you, too.

I offer treatments for all sorts of problems, whether they are of a physical or an emotional or mental nature.

You are welcome to discuss the possibilities, ranging from magnetising to hypnotherapy, or just plain counselling. If you wish, I can draw up a plan of approach, so you will know what to expect.

The rate per session of one hour is € 50.– and is not compensated by the insurance companies. However, your employer may be willing to step in here, if your troubles are keeping you away from work. Also, you can deduct the expenses from your tax return as special health care expenses.

As to the Covid19 measures, I strictly follow the regulations that apply at any time. When in doubt, just ask me what rules apply when you visit me for your consultation.


If you have a question prior to making an appointment, just send me an e-mail with your request, or phone or app me at +31(0)653231642. I shall reply within one day.